Our Origins

Even the ocean began with a single drop.

Certified Origins sprouted from humble beginnings, when a small collective of olive farmers in rural Italy joined hands to protect their land and livelihood. Their passion for producing fresh, authentic extra virgin olive oil led them to create a thriving community of family farms – bound by their passion for good food and a desire to provide delicious, nutritious EVOO to families everywhere.

Today, we've become a global presence, guided by our commitment to sustainable growth.

The values which first brought us together are still at the forefront of our business. In fact, Certified Origins is still cooperatively owned and managed – and that mindset carries through to all of our partnerships. Both our private label and branded products are ethically produced, handled with care, and meet the highest standards for freshness and authenticity — without sacrificing our commitment to excellent stewardship of the land, or the families it feeds.

We’re a strong, devoted community of individuals, working together to preserve our cultural heritage and protect the quality and purity of our food.

Our Principles

Our Future

We bring centuries of heritage knowledge to the table, to explore what works – and what hasn’t. Together, we’re creating a new take on healthy, authentic food – using modern techniques and technologies which allow us to preserve our natural, authentic origins, while spanning the cultural and geographic divides of today’s world.

We may have sprouted from a drop of delicious EVOO – but we’ve quickly grown into a vast sea of goodness. Whether you’re interested in collective partnership, private label products, or simply purchasing Certified Origins foods, we hope you’ll join us in cultivating a more delicious future.

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