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Private Label

We partner with known brands worldwide who wish to add value and variety to their product lines, through introduction of our private label goods.

Harness the strength of the Certified Origins community, connect with our network of outstanding sources worldwide, and provide your customers with products of outstanding quality. Our premium private label goods adhere to the highest standards for quality, flavor, and authenticity – so you can rest assured we bring additional value to your established brand.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, connect here to see how our private label services can help give your brand a boost.

Bellucci is Certified Origin's most beloved premium brand. Formed by a collective of growers passionate about producing the most delicious, nutritious extra virgin olive oil, Bellucci delivers high-quality, authentic Italian EVOO worldwide.

Centered on blending modern knowledge with time-tested values—like the belief that food is best in its natural form—Bellucci leverages technology to deliver the best EVOO on the market. We promise you won’t find any additives, colors, or artificial ingredients here.

Bellucci products are held to the strictest of standards, exceeding industry expectations for certification, transparency, and traceability. Our award-winning EVOO is legendary – and known for its flavor, freshness, and quality. In fact, we leverage contemporary tools to ensure that each of our products is lovingly crafted and carried from farm to table.

We believe you should know where your food comes from – which is why every bottle of Bellucci EVOO can be traced back to its birthplace. Always fresh. Always traceable. Always Italian.

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Enjoy connecting deeply to the rich and delicious flavors of authenticity. Rootie encourages consumers to immerse themselves in their senses - increasing their connection to the foods they eat every day.

We delight in delivering delicious, flavorful foods, sourced from small-scale farmers and growers. Our transparency is a point of pride – and Rootie goods can be followed back to their origins in rural Italy, Spain, and Greece.

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